Sidco provides investigations in Mining.

  • Energy usage
  • Power/Capacity
  • Load harmonics
  • Transient events
  • Rate of Change events
  • Inrush current capture
  • Current and Voltage discrimination

Access to power reporting information in a sophisticated environment is crucial to operations. Reports need to be delivered to stakeholders simply, quickly and in formats which save time for both operations and managers to respond relevantly and effectively.

Power Quality disturbances problems such as sags, swells, surges and flicker, neutral currents, and harmonic distortion (THD) within controlled factory environments may cause varied impacts.
Equipment performance such as VSD (variable speed drives), Motor operations, UPS and Power systems within a critical infrastructure may be affected impacting expected performance, equipment life cycle and efficiencies.

Large-demand devices when installed at facilities should have a complete power quality survey conducted to determine the impact on the plant and the plant on the equipment.

Thresholds occurrence excursions are breaches of limits that have been exceeded on plant, electrical power or other systems within the facility.
These provide a spot condition report of what just happened and is included within the overall report and analysis.

Other data such as high speed RMS sampling and long term trend parameters is also used for future analysis providing information on parameters such as Voltage/Current, Harmonics, Power, Sequence Component, System inputs, Flicker, Energy and CO2metering.

Sidco flexibility provides effective solutions to complex situations.