Sidco provides Power performance for Hospitals






Power Performance and its understanding within Hospitals is a critical necessity in ensuring stability and longevity of sensitive electronic equipment used within the facility.  Continuous Monitoring of the performance of the electrical system through detailed Event and Trending provides detailed Analytical Performance of core Electrical elements such reliability, capacity, expansion, electrical power quality and usage.

Electrical parameters measured at various points within a hospital can be used to assess Power Performance within the facility. These points are at strategic locations which relate to sensitive equipment and other points including main switchboards. Voltage disturbance problems such as sags, swells, surges and flicker, neutral currents, and harmonic distortion (THD) within hospitals have varied impacts.

Sidco uses advanced embedded platform devices not only for measuring crucial Power Performance parameters but through on board computations. Analytical performance reports are automatically created and delivered to computers and smart phones/tablets throughout the hospital and also to remote/mobile locations.

Due to the performance characteristics and the supporting power electronics, power disturbances can be created by the hospital equipment itself becoming the unfortunate recipient of unwanted Power disturbances.

Power problems can cause cumulative erosion which results in attrition and premature equipment failure, especially in intensive care areas such as operating theatres, CT, MRI, X-ray and Cardiac monitoring equipment etc.

Sidco flexibility provides effective solutions to complex situations.