Sidco provides investigations on LV and MV generators:

  • Voltage stability
  • Frequency stability
  • Capability curve monitor
  • Power Factor and harmonic effects
  • Field voltage diagnostics
  • Droop currents

Generator investigations require diverse parameter and performance analysis. Various aspects on the Generator can be monitored including;

  • Three phase voltages
  • Three phase currents
  • Droop currents
  • Field excitation voltages

Monitoring flexibility enables detailed analysis of Automatic Voltage Regulator and Governor Performance. Load sharing interactions with multiple sets and ever more complex site loads require advanced monitoring and experience.

Generator trend and Threshold occurrence reports for kW, kVA, kVAR, PF and Harmonics ensure optimum operation and better derating assessments.

Generators in isolation control output voltage and speed (kW). When generators are paralleled, their voltage and frequencies must be equal. Sharing of load however creates complexity particularly with harmonics and active (swing) capacitive loads. Monitoring of field excitation levels validates that controls are functioning correctly or why instability has occurred.

Sidco flexibility provides effective solutions to complex situations.