Sidco investigations involve detailed analysis.

During an investigation different performance measurements may be necessary which require various points on the system to be monitored, providing feedback on a three phase Electrical system.

A key starting point is the Threshold occurrence information showing when pre-set limits have been exceeded prior to and during an investigation.

RMS three phase Voltage Time in (S)

RMS three phase current Time in (S)

RMS frequency waveform Time in (S)

Excursion Threshold detailed three phase Voltage waveform Time in (ms)

Excursion Threshold detailed three phase current waveform Time in (ms)

Measurement Summary

Thresholds occurrence excursions are breaches of limits that have been exceeded on plant, electrical power or other systems within the facility.

These provide a spot condition report of what just happened and is included within the overall report and analysis.

Other data such as high speed RMS sampling and long term trend parameters is also used for future analysis providing information on parameters such as Voltage/Current, Harmonics, Power, Sequence Component, System inputs, PUE, Flicker, Energy and CO2metering.