Power performance analytics bring together disciplines that have been developed over many years of involvement in the field of Electrical Power performance. Customer Strategies are developed through skilful investigation and Analysis techniques using acquired information and deployment of advanced Measurement technologies, for in depth measurements of current power performance. Embedded hardware is at the forefront and a key component in delivering Power performance analytics to our customers. These embedded devices provide not only data but also deliver complete reports to key personnel within an organization.

With our input, customers can develop and drive their strategies from the inception, to benchmarking each phase of Power performance, through to completion.

Power Performance Analytics provides the core element for Electrical reliability, capacity, expansion, quality and usage delivering our customer with information on their Electrical network performance.

A key success of Power Performance Analytical information are the advanced technological systems that leverage on the platform to build and improve business value as a part of a company’s implementation of a Power performance Strategy.

Sidco’s solution outcomes are supported through years of experience and understanding of complex Electrical systems supporting Telecommunications, Defence, Finance, Information Systems, Manufacturing, Datacenters, Hospitals, Dairy and the Industrial sector.

Sidco’s methodology of DiscoverySolutionImplementation provides our customer with an effective process whether their site is a new installation or an expansion or an existing facility.

Poor Power Performance impacts profits.

Sidco flexibility provides effective solutions to complex situations.