Sidco Pty Ltd is the importer and distributor of a range of protection and monitoring products.

Our protection products offer a complete end to end solution to protection, longevity and reliability of critical electrical and electronic equipment.

Silicon Avalanche Suppressor Diode (SASD) and Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV)

Sidco offers the Transtector patented Silicon Avalanche Suppressor Diode (SASD) technology. Unlike other technologies which degrade over time, silicon diodes are non-degrading, low-clamping and thus best for the protection electronic systems.

Sidcoalso has TranstectorMetal Oxide Varistor (MOV) devices,where more cost effective options are required to protect against lightning. MOV’s are world renowned for providing economic solutions to lightning protection at the point of entry of the electrical system or building. MOV’s are also be used for the protection of motors or transformers from spikes.

Sidco has been associated with Transtector since the early 1990’s. Transtector engineers, since the late 1960’s, are industry leaders and decision makers within regulatory agencies including IEC, IEEE, UL, DTRA and NEC. Our commitment to R&D and technological advancements is a fundamental ingredient within our business.Site testing laboratories, engineering expertise, and commitment to technical service have enabled Transtector to be the leading supplier of choice within Carriers, OEMs, Domain Suppliers, Prime Contractors, Integrators and Distributors.

Our expertise in surge protection is critical to selecting the correct surge protection device.