products provides monitoring of differing voltage supply levels such as those found in the Input to and the Output from a UPS system. provides measurements of supply quality and system performance between Mains and UPS supply sources as well as the interactions of the supply systems during external outages and quality of continuance of supply to the system loads through the UPS.

Switching devices such as ATS and STS can also be recorded for transitions occurrences from various Duty feeders of supply to the UPS systems.

Various electrical parameters are constantly monitored and recorded for analysis and review.

  • Energy usage
  • Power/Capacity
  • Load harmonics
  • Power Factor trends and transients
  • Transient Voltage, Current and Frequency events
  • Rate of Change events
  • Inrush current capture
  • Current and Voltage discrimination
  • Breaker operations
  • Batteries condition

Thresholds occurrence excursions are breaches of limits that have been exceeded on the UPS, electrical power or other systems within the facility.

These provide a spot condition report of what just happened and is included within the overall report and analysis.

Other data such as high speed RMS sampling and long term trend parameters is also used for analysis providing information on parameters such as Voltage/Current, Harmonics, Power, Sequence Component, System inputs, PUE and Flicker.