Power Quality and Measurements provides a holistic approach to Power Monitoring, recording and reporting by monitoring various aspects of a datacentre from UPS systems, Automatic Transfer devices, Generator standby through to the various switchboard layers.

Impacts on the Mains Supply and Generator standby systems,such as leading Power factor (coming from blade servers) can be analysed and reviewed.
Harmonic impacts on Voltage and Current can also be assessed and appropriate mitigation can be undertaken.

This together with other important understandings of the Power System provide input into strategiesfor better site maintainability, risk reduction and system uptime.


The energy efficiency or effectiveness of a power system can be determined by comparing the total supplied energy and the effective IT energy used.

The Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is used as a parameter to measure energy efficiency; the lower the better where 1.0 is a perfect system.
Various configurations are available for PUE monitoring. also provides a PUE report which includes a graph of the real power from monitored circuits and the computed PUE trend. This shows how the PUE varies over the trend interval. As with all trend reports the source data is available for importing into other applications for extended reporting.
PUE can be applied to various sectors such as Data Centres, Manufacturing and Food processing.