Electrical Networks become Visible

Reporting and Recording systems have been available for monitoring on Electrical network for many years. These typically employ methods based on Master Slave systems such as SCADA, BMS, EMS whereby a number of field Slave devices are located within an Electrical network gathering a myriad amount of data.

This data is passed to a Master device for processing so that the gathered information is provided in a legible form to construct Reports, Graphs and other engineering information. supports these Master systems by providing an RTU slave interface using protocols such as RS485 Modbus, DNP 3, Modbus TCP and RTU over TCP interfaces. provides another level of Electrical network visibility through its unique adaption of embedded FPGA technology. An engineer can now leverage off two separate technologies simultaneously providing an in depth understanding of the Electrical network through interactive power measurements and analysis methodology. Embedded Power MonitoringDisturbance SensingRecording and Reporting engine is an important asset for engineers in recording and reporting instances of electrical and mechanical Threshold Occurrences relating to faults and out of tolerance events, classifying electrical disturbance signatures as well as creating short to medium term Trending reports providing information for reliability and system performance studies independent of SCADA, BMS, EMS system connections.

Incorporating a web server interface becomes accessible via LAN, Intranet, Internet/VPN networks and utilizing email SMTP and HTTP web protocols, network disturbance report scan be delivered as they happen. Communication devices such as smart phones, tablets and PCs become an important means of receiving reports, allows configuration changes to take place and real time visibility of the electrical network in the office or on the move.

Independence and not dependence provides engineers a new perspective on the Electrical environment surrounding them.