products supports the IEEE standard C37.118-2011 for synchrophasors so it can act as a PhasorMeasurement Unit (PMU) within a power system.

The standard includes a communication protocol where regular data frames are sent from the PMU to the Phasor Data Concentrator (PDC) which receives data from many such PMUs.

The data frames include a very accurate time stamp which is derived from the embedded GPS receiver and selected voltage and current measurements with their absolute phase angles.

By combining phasor measurements across a wide area of the power system a near real time state determination of the network can be made.

PMUs have a wide range of applications within power utilities. can send phasor data frames via either the RS232 port or the Ethernet port using TCP at up to one frame per supply cycle (50 or 60 frames per second).

The phasors can include the individual phase voltages and currents and the positive, negative and zero sequence components.

The data frame can also include the RMS values of the analogue inputs and the state of the contact inputs.