AVReporter links new and existing devices and information together providing seamless reporting through a user-friendly suite of tools.

Managers will appreciate its ease of use and automated scheduling features, while Engineers will appreciate its flexibility in linking data together in otherwise disparate systems.
AVReporter has been designed as a scalable and modular system to suit both the size and complexity of the application.

Entrance Edition is an entry level energy management software solution at low cost. It contains the higher level software packages reporting and analysing functionalities. It is a great option for trial or pilot projects.

Lite Edition is the right solution to cover the energy management, monitoring needs and requirements of local enterprises (factories, office buildings, stores etc.), as it contains most standard analytical and reporting functionalities.

Basic Edition is a suitable solution for more individual corporate needs (individual reports, analytics, modelling functionalities) and practical aid for the integration of industrial communication devices.

Intermediate Edition is recommended for end-users, who also wish to connect to external data sources (BMS, ERP, Production Management System, etc.).

Advanced Edition integrates powerful qualities for those clients, who wish to use the latest cutting edge tool to its best abilities, a fine example of a solution supporting the requirements of “Integrated Industry”. This edition can also connect to unlimited external data sources and serve multi-site or cloud applications “Global Energy Management Solution”.

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