About us


Thirty (30) years of experience has established Sidco Pty Ltd as a premier Electrical Investigations company within Australia and the Pacific region.

Solution outcomes are supported through years of experience and understanding of complex Electrical systems within Telecommunications, Defence, Finance, Information Systems, Manufacturing, Datacenters, Hospitals, Processing plants, Commercial and Industrial sectors.

Sidco’s Discovery – Solution – Implementation methodology provides our clients with an effective process for new installations or an enhancement to an existing facility.

Our specialist critical infrastructure services include:

  • Efficiency and Reliability Reviews
  • Fault and Reliability Investigations
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Audit and Analysis
  • Concept Design

Strategic product alignment provides our clients with effective solutions to complex situations for existing and new infrastructure.
Implementation of effective Solutions provides efficient power system performance and reliable infrastructure life cycle results.

The Sidco model delivers outcomes to our clients in a structured and detailed approach facilitating effective outcomes.